"I'm a completely different person."

My name is Kelly. I am a violinist and fiddle player in Nashville, Tennessee and TMS therapy changed my life. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in middle school and I underwent countless medication...

"I'm a completely different person."
Kelly H.

Kelly's TMS Success Story


My name is Kelly. I am a violinist and fiddle player in Nashville, Tennessee and NeuroStar changed my life. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was in middle school. I underwent countless medications, combinations of medication classes. The medications that I had tried all had really bad side effects, or they would do absolutely nothing, which was just as discouraging as the side effects. I felt absolutely numb. I would have actually given anything to feel sad because I couldn't feel anything at all. I was so desperately trying to find a treatment.

I discovered NeuroStar through a doctor that I had known back home in Atlanta. He looked at all the medications I had tried, and he told me that I would be a perfect candidate for this treatment. I started to see results from my treatment shortly after I finished. There was absolutely one day that I woke up, and I walked outside, and it was as if the sky was bluer. It's almost as if I had been going through life with this dimmer switch, and all of a sudden everything was so clear and there was this clarity that I had never had before. I felt everything. How do you go from being someone who is completely numb and empty of life to someone who looks forward to every day? There's really no way to describe that.

My family and friends say that they noticed a complete 180 as far as my mood, my energy. They say that I'm a completely different, more vibrant version of myself than I was before. I would tell people who are considering NeuroStar as a treatment option to stay patient. In my case, it didn't work right away, so I had to keep plugging forward and keep going to treatments, and it eventually worked for me. I'm just excited for all of the potential possibilities and doors that I haven't opened yet. In the industry I'm going into, there are so many creative minds and so many opportunities for me. And none of this would be possible without NeuroStar TMS.

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